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These where made by cool friends Of mine
If you click on these and check the desction you'll see it was made by very cool people i know 

also dont buy these as they are not for sale but check  them out and give them love 




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This is Just Stuff I posted so It would Be Some Of friends art works, Fanfictions ECT


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I lost my points but worth it
I now discovered the core membership is a blessing and i can do a lot of stuff with it
Now, i need more points to have this xD
:icontryingthebest:TryingTheBest 2 12
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Old Vs New ( or New vs Old ) Sans side by side

i guess a great thanks for her, she inspired me to be a artist, so because of her i was able to improve a ton because of her, i am still how ever a training artist though 
Old from way back
I found this on my computer today XD

its way to ugly for my liking, 
Sans ( Broken Memories Desgin, )
this is mine XD 

i spent way to long on it 


once you befriend Sans, he should get this outfit, what do you think?
just some more things for the Su game 

EDIT: the steven is the 3 stars shirt is owned by the Owner of the Steven lazuli AU, i just found out about it so there is that 
Steven Universe Au's
You first got Classic Steven, Momswapped Steven where he is the son of Blue Diamond, Then you got Steven Diamond who is the son of Yellow Diamond, then you got the  geode gems universe Steven which i think looks awesome

then you got, Steven Universe from!! and this is my own Design, unless someone else made something similar then i'll update it

but I made a new desgin for playerboy99's Steven  



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

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artiadraw  Tagged me so i am doing this 

001. Real name → Devin Garrick, but i would like to  be called Blissful, or just Bliss, unless its a Emergency then you call me devin 

002. Nickname → Bliss, Dev, Seven, Blissful

003. Status → single

004. Zodiac sign → i dont know?

005. Male or female → female

006. Elementary → I dont know

007. Middle School → Kingsford middle school, and other places i cant remember

008. High School → Kingsford MI high school

009. Smart → meh, depends on who you ask

010. Hair color → dark brown

011. Long or short → Long

012. Loud or Quiet →  VERY LOUD!

013. Sweats or Jeans → sweats

014. Phone or Camera → phone

015. Health freak → as long as i dont die from diabites, or anything like that i'm good

016. Drink or Smoke? → I have eaten a weed brownie by accident once, and it wasn't fun

017. Do you have a crush on someone? → yup

018. Eat or Drink → yes

019. Piercings → they make me nervous

020. Tattoos → I really want one, it would be a Heart or something

021. Favorite color → Neon Blue

022. favorite animal → Small things like small dogs and cats



023. First piercing → None

024. First best friend → I dont know

025. First award → I got a reward for playing video games

026. First crush → Annie ,

027. First pet → a dog named Kitty

028. First big vacation → Hell if i know 

030. First big birthday → none that I remember

031. First kiss → a dude



049. Eating → Cheese sticks

050. Drinking → Mountain Dew!

052. I'm about to → Study for my exams, and watch videos on advice for programers 

053. Listening to → But the Earth was cared to back to life

054. Plans for today → Drawing, and writing down more of my script for Broken memories

055. Waiting for → my parents rights to be terminated so i can change my last name, and middle name, 
that and removing my wisdom teeth 



058. Want kids? → yeah, but i want to do Foster care like my foster mother

059. Want to get married? → maybe, i dont know

060. Careers in mind → animator, Video game Programer ( actually making two games now ) and script writer



068. Lips or eyes →  eyes, the windows to the soul, lips are nothing, but they can tell if they have a std so theres that though XD

070. Shorter or taller → shorter if girl

072. Romantic or spontaneous → maybe?

073. Nice stomach or nice arms → I don't really care to be honest, as long as they aren't going to murder me for money 

074. Sensitive or loud → I would need someone to mellow me out, i'm too strict 

075. Hook-up or relationship -> relationship, I can't do a hit and run, its not right in my option

077. Trouble maker or hesitant → i am a Trouble Maker no doubt


080. Lost glasses/contacts → yup, I broken my glasses once, then i lost a pair, then i scratched one pair up to hell

081. Ran away from home → No 

084. Broken someones heart → Yeah, and I do not feel bad!

085. Been arrested → nope, but my aunt told the police once i was selling drugs, because she had some beef with my parents for some reason, so she tried getting my arrested as payback 

087. Cried when someone died → I cried at my grannies funeral, but other then that i really dont cry anymore



089. Yourself → Nyeh!, of course i do! my fellow Deviants! for its I! the GREAT BLISSFULBOOM!

090. Miracles → yuppers

091. Love at first sight → No

092. Heaven or reincarnation → Heaven, 

093. Santa Claus? → I found out he wasn't real when i had to wrap my brothers christmas presents because my bio dad was drunk and he didn't help my mother finish them, so she was crying and I told her to go to bed so i wraped them all up 

094. Sex on the first date → WTF!!?

095. Kiss on the first date → Nope



097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → No

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → kinda depressed, because of my bio-parents, but other then that i am actualy doing good

099. Do you believe in God → I believen in Jesus, but I am not ready to fully commit my self to religon though


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Devin Garrick
United States
A Gamer



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tehwatcher Featured By Owner 2 days ago
1st helly sorry to ask but do they like it?
BlissfulBOOM Featured By Owner 2 days ago
they loved it 

it was a differnt momswapped desgin 
tehwatcher Featured By Owner 1 day ago
1st ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2nd sorry >///////////< just so happy

3rd im so glad they like it
uhhh-wut Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
tell me ALL the characters in your au (Broken Memories)
BlissfulBOOM Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Frisk, the Fallen Child in Glasses 

Flowey the Flower ( who is a Rose now ) 

Chara the New Cara taker of the ruins 

Tyler The son of Undyne and Alphys ( how he was made will be explained in game )

Amanda daughter of Undyne and Alphys ( takes papyrus's old role )  

Sans The Second in command of the royal guard arm ( and father ) 

Papyrus, the first in commaned of the royal guard

Luke ( OC ) takes Undynes old rule as she is dead

Maddison ( another OC ) takes Chara's orginal role from undertale

Asgore, the angry bitter king  

what else do you need?
uhhh-wut Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
ok, so this is the characters in order:

flowey- himself
sans- ???
papyrus- ???
asgore-the king like in undertale but more anger

is this right?
BlissfulBOOM Featured By Owner 5 days ago
sans and papyrus have newer, more unique roles 

but yeah that is right 
(1 Reply)
tehwatcher Featured By Owner May 27, 2017
1st thanks so so so much for a watch
BlissfulBOOM Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
yeah its alright man 
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